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SOMATEC PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. always puts high emphasis on introduction of new molecules with less side effects and greater therapeutic efficacy to its product range to take part in national healthcare services to help humanity.


As a continuing effort of growth strategy, Somatec has introduced 14 new products in the year 2013 across various therapeutic classess such as Antibiotics, Antiulcerants, Antidiabetics, Antihypertensives, Lipid lowering agent, NSAID-PPI combination, Antihistamines, Analgesics and Antipyretic. Notable among these are


  • Rabeprazole tablet- The most potent and fast acting proton pump inhibitor
  • Rupatadine tablet - The novel antihistamine in today’s clinical practice
  • Naproxen-Esomeprazole combination tablet- The proven painkiller with built in
  • Clindamycin capsule - The broad spectrum antibiotic against different infections &
  • Lodical Plus tablet- The fixed dose combination for hypertension.
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