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Folin SR (Ferrous Sulphate and Folic Acid)


FOLIN SR is a haematinic agent containing Ferrous Sulphate and Folic Acid intended for the treatment and prophylaxis against anaemia. lron is an essential constituent of the body necessary for many functions of the body including formation of haemoglobin, brain development function, regulation of body temperature, muscle activity and for the oxidative processes of living tissues. Iron deficiency anaemias often arise due to chronic haemorrhage, nutritional deficiency, pregnancy, parasitic infestation or malabsorption of iron. Folic acid is a member of vitamin B-Complex. Deficiency of folic acid causes megaloblastic anaemia (as in pregnancy). Deficiency most often arises when dietary intake is inadequate, in malnutrition, in malabsorption or due to increased utilization as in pregnancy. Where there is a deficiency of both iron and folic acid, if only iron is supplied, there will be an increased formation of red blood cells but the folic acid deficiency will uncovered. This is liable to happen in pregnancy and so folic acid is commonly given to all pregnant women with anaemia.


FOLIN SR Capsule : Each sustained release capsule contains dried Ferrous Sulphate BP 150 mg and Folic Acid BP 500 mcg.


FOLIN SR capsule is used for the treatment and prophylaxis of iron and folic acid deficiency anaemias specially during the second and third trimester of pregnancy and lactation.


One FOLIN SR capsule to be taken daily throughout pregnancy and lactation.


FOLIN SR capsule is contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to one of its active constituents. FOLIN SR is also contraindicated in patients with pernicious anaemia.


Iron chelates with antacid and tetracycline and absorption of all these may be impaired if taken concurrently.Caution should be taken when iron is given to patients with iron storage or iron absorption diseases, haemoglobinopathies or existing gastrointestinal disease.


Symptoms of overdose with iron salts include epigastric pain, nausea, vomiting haematemesis and circulatory collapse. In severe cases encephalopathy, acute hepatic necrosis and acute renal failure may develop after a latent period. The sustained release capsule presentation of ferrous sulphate may delay excessive absorption of iron and allow more time for the initiation of appropriate counter measures.Treatment of overdosage consists of gastric lavage followed by the introduction of 5 mg desferrioxamine into the stomach. Serum iron levels should be monitored and in severe cases intravenous desferrioxamine should be given together with supportive and symptomatic treatment.


Gastro-intestinal irritation (e.g. nausea and vomiting) abdominal cramp, diarrhoea and allergic reaction.


During iron therapy, patients may have usual dark/black stools. Medicaments should be kept in a cool, dry place, away from light and out of reach of children.


FOLIN SR capsule: Box containing 3x10's sustained release capsules in blister pack.


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